Protecting those who cannot speak

SPCA Swellendam is dedicated to the promotion of good animal welfare and prevention of cruelty to all animals.

Cruelty does not only affect pets, it also affects farm animals and wildlife.

Animal welfare, whether for pets, farm animals, animals in transit, or at a place of slaughter, should be considered in terms of the “Five Freedoms.”

Our Society educates the public, exposes perpetrators of cruelty, enforces the Animal Protection Act and promotes responsibility, care and compassion for all animals.

Swellendam SPCA have been actively promoting animal welfare in the region since 2001.

Our own area of operation covers 3835km² and we are also called on to assist animal welfare organisations who don’t have certified Inspectors, in neighboring municipal district towns too.

Through our trained dedicated staff, the help of our local volunteers, the municipality and in co-operation with local law enforcement bodies, our presence is making a visible difference to the lives of animals in our community.

Our services to the community include:

  • On-site kennels and a cattery in which stray and surrendered animals are safely housed and cared for until claimed, or rehomed.
  • A weekly veterinary consulting room for preventative treatment purposes is run by the staff after working hours, working under the supervision of a principal veterinarian. Treatment at the consulting room is offered at cost to animals from low income households.
  • Periodic outreach services in outlying areas.
  • Regular sterilisation drives held in and around our municipal area.
  • On-going education initiatives are undertaken at schools and public events.


With your help we can continue to build onto our successes and remain committed to improving the lives of animals in our community. 

Nedbank current account: 102 0480 890 
Branch code: 132 105

Report abuse

Report incidents of cruelty against animals by completing this form. Your report will be handled in strictest confidence by a dedicated case officer and all information will remain confidential.

    Happy tails

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    Our team

    Our dedicated team at SPCA Swellendam.

    Natalia Brown

    Operations Manager.

    Dee Hazell


    Megan Schroder


    Kennel Volunteers

    Nicky Appelboom, Natalia Brown, Yanou Olderwagen & Jeannette L’Estrange.

    Animals sterilised
    Animals treated in clinic
    Animals homed

    Our sponsors

    It has been said that time is the best gift and we simply could not function without our wonderful sponsors.

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    A special thank you to all who have helped out at the SPCA, without your kindness our work would not be possible.

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