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Protecting those who cannot speak

SPCA Swellendam is dedicated to the promotion of good animal welfare and prevention of cruelty to all animals.

Cruelty does not only affect pets, it also affects farm animals and wildlife.

Animal welfare, whether for pets, farm animals, animals in transit, or at a place of slaughter, should be considered in terms of the “Five Freedoms.”

Our Society educates the public, exposes perpetrators of cruelty, enforces the Animal Protection Act and promotes responsibility, care and compassion for all animals.

Swellendam SPCA have been actively promoting animal welfare in the region since 2001.

Our own area of operation covers 3835km² and we are also called on to assist animal welfare organisations who don’t have certified Inspectors, in neighboring municipal district towns too.

Through our trained dedicated staff, the help of our local volunteers, the municipality and in co-operation with local law enforcement bodies, our presence is making a visible difference to the lives of animals in our community.


  • On-site kennels and a cattery in which stray and surrendered animals are safely housed and cared for until claimed, or rehomed.
  • A Veterinary Clinic three evenings per week, run by a qualified Veterinary Surgeon who donates his time in order to provide basic treatment at cost, to animals from low income homes.
  • A weekly dipping service in town; and outreach services in outlying areas
  • Regular sterilisation drives held in and around our municipal area.
  • On-going education initiatives are undertaken at schools and public events.

Report abuse

Report incidents of cruelty against animals by completing this form. Your report will be handled in strictest confidence by a dedicated case officer and all information will remain confidential.

Swellendam SPCA was started in 2001 by a small core of community members concerned by the plight of animals in the town and surrounding rural areas. Until that time there had been no animal welfare body active within this huge municipal area where poverty and a high unemployment rate contribute to large numbers of animals being in desperate need of help.

For the first 3 years a few dedicated volunteers held education drives at local schools, went house to house in the township educating owners and identifying animals for sterilisation; and held weekly clinics where animals were dipped and minor ailments were treated. In 2004 Swellendam SPCA negotiated sole use of the old Community Center in Railton from which to establish a permanent base.

Swellendam SPCA successfully lobbied the local municipality to promulgate By-laws regarding animal sterilisation and continues to engage this body on critical issues. We also work cooperatively with local Law Enforcement bodies and other local welfare agencies to promote animal welfare in the region. The Railton Clinic has been upgraded over time to enable us to provide services to the community we currently offer.

With your help we will continue to build onto our successes and remain committed to improving the lives of animals in our community.

The SPCA is the only Animal Welfare organisation in South Africa regulated by an Act of Parliament (SPCA Act No.169 of 1993).

This, together with the Animals Protection Act No.71 of 1962, enables our inspectors to be certified to a high standard and hold specific powers to act on behalf of abused animals. SPCA Inspectors play a key role in animal welfare, from educating members of public with regard to correct animal handling and care; proactively inspecting the condition of animals and livestock in any establishment where they may be housed; acting on complaints received from the public; and rescuing animals in need, to investigating and laying criminal charges where necessary against people who have perpetrated deliberate or negligent acts of cruelty.

If you suspect an animal is in need of help, please report it. All reports are treated as anonymous. You will be asked for your name and contact details, but these are kept strictly confidential and will not be divulged to anyone under any circumstances. Every complaint is carefully investigated within 24hs, advice freely given and feedback provided.

You can report suspected cruelty by clicking REPORT ABUSE at the top of this website and filling out the form or calling the Inspectorate directly on 084 737 1948.

The SPCA receives no government funding at all and exists entirely on funds donated by the public. Your contribution will help us make a difference to an animal in need.

Click on DONATE at the top of this website for donations via the ZAPPER app, or use our bank details for direct donations:

ACCOUNT NO. 102 0480 890

We wish to thank you most sincerely for supporting our SPCA and the movement generally.

It has been said that time is the best gift and our SPCA simply could not function without volunteers. Many people feel that although they would love to help, they do not want to work with animals. Our volunteers assist us with a wide range of tasks such as:

  • Helping with fundraising initiatives and finding sponsorship

 Assisting with:

  • the smooth running of fundraising events
  • Education initiatives at schools
  • Transport  / collecting donations
  • DIY / handyman projects
  • Publicity / Media Relations
  • Working in our SPCA Charity Shop

If you would like to help, in any capacity, please contact us on 028 514 2083 or send us an email – we would appreciate your support.

What is a bequest?

A will is the best way to safeguard the future of the people and causes important to you. A bequest is simply a gift, usually to a charity, that is provided for in a will.

Bequests are made to Swellendam SPCA because people recognise that the numbers of unwanted, abandoned and stray animals are growing daily. A bequest can take many forms. People commonly leave cash, real estate, personal property, or the residue of an estate; in other words, whatever remains once provision has been made for loved ones. You could even sign over an existing life insurance policy or take out a new one naming Swellendam SPCA as the beneficiary.

Every donation helps, no matter how small.

How do I do this?

It is important to get good advice when drawing up a will to ensure that it is correctly and legally constituted. Your bank, lawyer, accountant or financial consultant can help you. It is also important to review your will periodically to keep it in line with legislation and your changing financial situation. All you have to do to update your will is to write a Codicil which is a legally binding instruction that changes your will without having to re-draft a new one. Under the Estate Duties Act of 1955, bequests to charities are deductible for estate duty purposes. 

When making out a will it is essential that you specify Swellendam SPCA as the beneficiary. If you do not specify a recipient the NSPCA can allocate your bequest to another SPCA not necessarily intended by you.

Can I change my mind?

The law protects your right to cancel your bequest at a later stage if you wish to do so or your circumstances change. For help with bequests, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to

An SPCA membership is a simple way to help us raise funds and ensure we’re acting responsibly as a non-profit organisation.

  • Family Member R100
  • Junior Member (under 18) R20
  • Full Member R50
  • Life Member R500
  • Senior Member (over 65) R20
  • Corporate Member R500

For more information Contact us directly: To join the Swellendam SPCA please complete our membership form linked below and email it to



SPCA Swellendam has a constant flow of animals in need of loving homes.

We take in unwanted pets, strays, or farm animals in need and find caring homes in our community. We also work co-operatively with fellow SPCAs and other animal welfare agencies to home our animals.

All SPCAs are obliged by the SPCA Act to follow a process of assessing each home before placing a pet. This ensures that the owners are not in contravention of local By-Laws, and that the pet is suitable for the environment in which it will be homed. This screening process ensures a happy experience for both the new owner and pet, and to reduce the possibility of animals being returned or abandoned because they do not fit in.

All adopted animals are sterilised prior to adoption, or if too young at that point, follow up is undertaken to ensure that this is done within six months. This is why adoption of young animals can only be done within our area of operation.

If you would like to adopt a new animal, and can provide a loving home, please download and fill out the adoption form (link below), and contact us at or call 028 514 2083.


You can view photos of animals up for adoption at our kennels on our Facebook. Click here to visit our Facebook adoptions page.

The number of unwanted adult and young animals that are euthanised each year in South Africa is staggering. The only viable method to reduce this trend is large-scale sterilisation supported by continuous education.

Animals in rural communities where humans live below the breadline fulfil a working role in the household – they provide humans with security, companionship, pest control, etc.

Dogs particularly, are used as a source of income through the sale of puppies; and cats breed unchecked. This creates masses of unwanted and neglected animals.

Swellendam SPCA has successfully engaged with the local Municipality to promulgate By-laws regarding animal sterilisation in our municipal area. This included setting up a fine structure for non-compliance, enforced by municipal Law Enforcement Officers who accompany our Inspectorate when illegal breeders or unsterilised bitches are identified.

On-going education of the general public and our younger generations is the best tool to create animal welfare awareness and responsible animal ownership.

Swellendam SPCA field workers proactively contact residents to advise and educate them on animal care and improve the quality of life for their animals.

Scheduled education drives are held regularly at schools and animal awareness initiatives are undertaken at public events. These activities are reinforced by articles run in the local press.

Our SPCA Shop opened in 2006 to help raise funds to support our outreach and welfare work.

The shop is stocked by donations of unwanted goods from our community members and other animal lovers, and sold to raise money. The shop is fully manned and managed by volunteers and every donation therefore of direct benefit to animals in the area.

The shop fulfills multiple functions in our community:

  • Sales support the SPCA and benefit animals in our region;
  • It provides a necessary service to the poorer community who can enrich their lives affordably;
  • It is a fantastic way to recycle unwanted goods.
  • There is nothing that we cannot make use of.

Our regular donations include clothes, linen, towels, curtains, kitchenware, building supplies, toys, jewellery, books, CD’s, bric-a-brac, toiletries, electronic equipment and others. We make use of all goods donated to us, either by selling them in our shop or passing specialist items on to auctions or specialist outlets to sell on our behalf.

Your donations can be dropped off at our shop in Voortrek Street opposite Spar behind the Hospice Shop and next to Oak Lane Florist.

Opening hours

  • Monday to Friday 09h00 to 16h00
  • Saturdays 09h00 to 13h00

For assistance with donations, please call us on +27 (0) 28 514 2083 or Helen Larkin at 082 340 5745 or Harry Prince at 082 926 8579. 

We are happy to collect any donation however large or small.


With your help we can continue to build onto our successes and remain committed to improving the lives of animals in our community.

BRANCH CODE: 132 105

Happy Tails


Ginger boy Jerry found his happy ever after.


Surrendered unwanted, both Poe and his brother Edgar were adopted to a loving home in Swellendam.


Peppa pig, previously part of the production process, is now free and an ambassador in educational drives at Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary.


Sweet Katie found a loving home and is now adored by her new family.


Little TITAN was adopted by a loving family from Ashton.


Katryn found her forever happy after, and looks like she's going to be very spoiled from now on!


Beautiful Joey found a new best friend.


Little Buksie is very happy with his new family.

Our Team

Our dedicated team at SPCA Swellendam

Natalia Brown

Operations Manager

Dee Hazell


Megan Schroder


Kennel Volunteers

Nicky Appelboom, Natalia Brown, Yanou Olderwagen & Jeannette L’Estrange.

Animals sterilised
Animals treated in Clinic
Animals homed


It has been said that time is the best gift and we simply could not function without our wonderful sponsors.

Photography by Wim Lubbersen, Bruce Geils and sourced from
A special thank you to all who have helped out at the SPCA, without your kindness our work would not be possible.

028 514 2083

084 737 1948 emergencies

51 Bontebok St, Railton

P.O. Box 834, Swellendam, 6740